The Telesignalization device is made of a Adurino or Makey Makey. The monitor is installed on the box, and the box is made of black cardboard. The monitor connect to the small desktop/computer, and the camera is set up on the top center. It is a 1080p monitor, and 12 MP camera


It is using the application - Processing.  The opencv library ( OpenCV - API ) and the FaceDetection is sufficient to use for the project. The mainly focus is detecting the eyes and the oval shape of the face. If the face is being tracked, then the live data/chart will displace a result.Without anyone standing in front of the camera, the screen only show blank.

Monitor x 1

Arduino x 1 

Cable x 1

Crystal balls x 2

Arcade Button x 2

Web Camera x 1

Black cardboard x 1

Small Black box x 1 

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